Using Massage Chair during Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a difficult time for any woman when she needs all the pampering she can get. However, it is not safe to try just about anything without your doctor’s advice. Most pregnant woman feel the need for a massage but are often unsure if a regular massage chair is safe for their and their baby’s health. If you are pregnant and have the same question in mind, you have reached the right spot. Read on and you’ll understand all you need to know to decide whether a massage chair is right for you.

How can a massage benefit a pregnant woman?

You might already know that a good massage helps heal your body, provide it with ultimate relaxation and relieve you of stress. All these things are what a woman needs most during pregnancy. Lower back pain is a common problem experienced by most women during their pregnancy. A gentle shiatsu massage provided by best massage chair may be very helpful in relieving them of such pains. It also helps reduce stress and depression and promote a good night’s sleep.

When during a pregnancy can a massage be dangerous?

Although a massage during pregnancy has its benefits, you must always consult your doctor since it might be risky in some rare cases. Some of these cases involve a pregnancy with potential risks, pregnant women who have experienced miscarriage or labor before its due time in your earlier pregnancies or if you cannot fit comfortably into the massage chair.

What to look for in a massage chair to be used during pregnancy?

If you are about to purchase a massage chair particularly for use by a pregnant woman, you might want to consider your options more carefully and keep a look out for certain features which will make it an excellent gift for a pregnant lady. Here are some of the features which will make it suitable for use by someone who is pregnant:

  •         It’s better to pick a massage chair which is FDA approved so that you can rest assured of both the mother and the baby’s health.
  •         The massage chair should either not have the option of heat therapy at all or should have the option of turning off heat therapy so that a pregnant woman can use it safely. Heat therapy can be quite dangerous for the baby as it raises the temperature of the mother and the baby.
  •         It should include the reclining feature so that the feet may be raised to help with the swelling that is experienced by many women around this time.
  •         A good warranty is an absolute must when you are making any big investment. Look for a warranty of at least a year if you are purchasing a massage chair.
  •         The baby that is about to arrive may seem tiny but will actually require a lot of new furniture and space in the house. To make space for the baby, you need to make sure that the massage chair you buy is compact.